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Donnie's Guestbook and Mailing List

We would like all of Donnie's friends to subscribe to Donnie's mailing list. You will the first to receive notices of Donnies forth-coming products, and current activities.  These notices will be sent personally from Donnie, directly to you, at least twice per month.

NOTE:  This is a private mailing list that is used personally by Donnie Sumner to efficiently maintain contact with his friends.  Your email address will not be shared with anyone else.  Each message sent to each recipient will be a private message, and it will only only contain their own personal email address in the "TO" box, and Donnie Sumner's email address only in the "FROM" box. We are taking all security precautions to insure the privacy of Donnie's friends.

Donnie's Mailing List

To subscribe to Donnie's mailing list,
send a blank email to:  Subscribe

To unsubscribe from Donnie's mailing list,
send a blank email to : Unsubscribe

If you have already subscribed to Donnie's mailing list, please take the time to sign Donnie's Guestbook, or view the entries and comments from Donnie's friends.

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